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Amsterdam May 8, 2017

Gemini Offshore Wind Park Celebrates Official Grand Opening

Gemini marks a turning point in offshore wind

Amsterdam August 24, 2016

Turbine installation completed at

Gemini Wind Park

Amsterdam July 8, 2016

The 100th turbine was installed

this morning at 04.10 AM

Amsterdam July, 2016

New Siemens maintenance vessel

Amsterdam June 13, 2016

Another important milestone: the halfway point by placing the 75th turbine

Amsterdam May 6, 2016

We got to celebrate a great achievement over the weekend: our 50th wind turbine was placed in the park!

Amsterdam February 29, 2016

Gemini Wind Park delivers first power to the grid

Amsterdam February 16, 2016

The first turbine has been placed in the

Gemini Wind Park today!

Amsterdam October 19, 2015

Important milestone, 150 foundations installed

Amsterdam September 02, 2015

Gemini Wind Farm achieved significant milestones

during construction

Amsterdam August 20, 2015

Gemini signs Wind Park Operation & Maintenance Agreement

Amsterdam August 20, 2015

The first offshore transformation station has been

placed on top of the jacket today

Amsterdam August 13, 2015

Second jacket installed

Amsterdam August 06, 2015

First jacket installed

Amsterdam July 16, 2015

Jackets on their way to Eemshaven

Amsterdam July 2, 2015

First monopile for the Gemini Wind Park

successfully installed

Amsterdam June, 2015

The first monopiles and Transistion Pieces have

arrived in Eemshaven

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