Gemini will make a significant contribution to achieving the renewable energy targets of the Netherlands, as well as those of Europe: it will produce renewable electricity for 1.5 million people, while reducing CO₂ emissions by 1.25 million tons per year. In this way, Gemini will play a key role in accomplishing the objectives set by the Dutch Energy Agreement (Nederlandse Energieakkoord), which aims to increase the share of sustainable (renewable) energy to 16% by 2023.

Gemini will, in fact, produce zero CO₂ emissions. It is expected that the amount of CO₂ produced during construction of the wind farm will be fully compensated after just six to nine months.

Gemini will follow the highest standards to deliver and run Gemini as safely and efficiently as possible. Our mission is to deliver clean and safe energy, ensuring that we offer maximum value to our partners and the largest possible contribution to local communities and the national economy.


Ecological monitoring

Gemini will execute a research program which is aimed at monitoring possible ecological effects on marine life. This program started a few year before construction of the wind farm and continues during construction and a number of years into operations. This monitoring program is specifically aimed at determining distributions and behavioural responses of birds, fish, seals and harbour porpoises in the area of the wind farm site. The results of the monitoring program will be published here.


Remit Transparency

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