Getting the job done!


Obviously, 2017 was a very important year for Gemini. The wind park was completed and since then it has been succesfully operated. Renewable energy for some 800.000 households in the Netherlands is produced here. In this part of the website, the videos shot in 2017 – and earlier – are placed together.

The whole picture
This movie captures the whole of the Gemini-operation.
From the development-phase till the completion in the spring of 2017. It is also a tribute to all the people who have made this possible: an impressive achievement!


Getting a glimpse

Not only in 2017 videos were made of the progress of Gemini Wind Park. Since 2014 filmers have been following the different construction phases, using state of the art technology like drones equipped with HR-cameras.

Getting on top
Finishing off! The installation of the towers, nacelles and blades. Watch how all the parts are shipped from the Esbjerg-port and then carefully assembled.
Highlights 2015-2016
These were the years in which construction really got on the way. The backbone for the park (foundations, cables, transition pieces) was laid.
Putting out to sea
After all the parts were assembled on land, it was time to bring them to their final destination: the North Sea. This movie shows the installation of the monopiles, transition pieces, jackets and Ofsshore High Voltage Stations (OHVS).
The fabrication
Building the 150 turbines and two Offshore High Voltage Stations started on land. Witness how in the harbour cities of Antwerp, Vlissingen and Eemshaven everything came together.
Tying it all together
Not so much visible but still essential for the operation of the park: the cables. They were laid with great precision and care, especially In the UNESCO-area of the Waddenzee.
Gemini at Eemshaven
The Land High Voltage Station (LHVS) was constructed at Eemshaven, in the most northern part of the Netherlands. Here the power generated by the wind park reaches the land and the Dutch power grid. An essential interface.
Building Gemini Wind Park
This animation shows in detail how the construction phase of Gemini was to take place. Using state of the art technology and custom made ships.
A flight through Gemini
Get on board for a view of Gemini from the skies – the first Gemini-movie shows the scale and importance of the project, with its huge contribution to achieving the goals of Paris 2050.